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Bluffton, SC, 30 SEPTEMBER 2019

National and local interest in the paranormal spiked recently after the release of video footage showing U.S. Navy pilots reacting to fast-moving, oblong objects — allegedly UFOs — hurtling through the air. The Navy acknowledged that the footage is real, and have admitted that they don’t know what, exactly, the objects are.

But for mediums in the Lowcountry, UFO sightings, spirits and communication that can’t be explained by traditional science are part of everyday life. They say that their access to the supernatural world allows many opportunities to help others.


Dwanna Paul first began to explore the paranormal when she was a teenager and has been a professional medium since the 1970s. Her career has included appearances on CBS’s “Haunted Lives” and at conventions in Dallas, Atlanta and other major cities.

For more than 40 years, she says she “has gone into an altered state of consciousness to access the world of spirit” to help people who seek her out. Many want to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. Others, including seriously ill patients, wonder who and what is waiting for them after the death of the body, Paul said.

At her “Shaman’s Way” classes, held once a month on Saturday evenings at her Bluffton office, Paul lays her hands on each participant and “spirit comes through and works with energy with the people,” she said. Many experience relief from conditions including depression, body pain and other ailments.

Most newcomers start with a private, half-hour reading, which costs $125.

“Even after so many years, I can’t wait for the next person, the next session,” Paul said in her soft Texas accent. “The other day, I had a gentleman who was 88 years old and wanted to communicate with his mother. She came through very clearly. He cried. It was beautiful.”

Paul asks visitors to remove their shoes before entering her soothing, professionally decorated waiting room, where couches are arranged around a low table. This is where she holds her free “Tea and Talk” sessions, where “like-minded people come together.” A mentor for many other mediums, Paul often partners with her students to conduct group sessions and more advanced experiences including table tipping, where spirits communicate by moving a plastic table and spelling sentences.

On Oct. 16, she will be at The Cottage Café, Bakery and Tea Room in Bluffton to lead a “Healing with Angels” seminar. Tickets for the evening are $58 and include dinner, wine and “the opportunity to experience Dwanna and the messages she receives from the other side,” according to her website.

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Gathering Wisdom Center Director and resident Trance Medium Dwanna Paul visits Hilton Head WHHI Television's "Talk of the Town" to discuss the center's May 6, 2017, Grand Opening Celebration.

Gathering Wisdom Center in Bluffton

Grand Opening Celebration

Grand Opening: Gathering Wisdom Center Brings Work of Renowned Trance Medium, Facilitators and Instructors to Bluffton

Bluffton, SC, April 11, 2017 – Lowcountry afterlife explorers have something to celebrate. The new Gathering Wisdom Center (where a sacred journey begins with good tea and conversation) makes its Bluffton debut in a special Grand Opening Celebration taking place Saturday, May 6, 2017, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The center is located at 12 Palmetto Way, en route to the Bluffton Community Library and near the Bluffton Sun. Center Director and resident Trance Medium Dwanna Paul will be there along with guest facilitators and instructors offering spring programs focused on human potential and spiritual development.

There will be a Crystal Raffle give-away with prizes including Tea Leaf and Intuitive Readings, seating at a Circle of Lights, Connect with Your Chakras classes and Myofascial Release therapy. Guests will enjoy tea in a relaxed setting where they can meet Tanya L. Colucci, M.S., Carole Iulo, RN, Crystal Guru Adrian Lamielle, Tea Leaf Reader Marilyn Mackey, Sound Therapist Wendy Morrison, CCH, Smoke Reader Diane Taddie and renowned Trance Medium Dwanna Paul.

About Gathering Wisdom Center/Dwanna Paul:

A Trance Medium since childhood, the work of Dwanna Paul has been featured on Syfy, the Travel Channel and television's "A Current Affair", "Sightings", "Weird Travels" and the CBS special "Haunted Lives.” Dwanna will be offering weekly Tea and Talk gatherings at Bluffton’s new Gathering Wisdom Center, the place where a sacred journey begins with good tea and conversation.

More information about spring programs commencing May 2017 in Bluffton, S.C., can be found online on the events page at The center address is 12 Palmetto Way, Bluffton, SC, USA, 29910, and their telephone number is (972)-735-8188. Like the Gathering Wisdom Center on Facebook and share with your friends.

Dwanna Pink Moon

Pink Magazine

Dwanna Paul Beyond the Veil: Connecting to the Other Side

Highly skilled mediums are a rare find. Until the popularity of the television show Medium, most people were unaware of them. A medium is a person who can access messages from departed loved ones in the spirit world. We are extremely fortunate to have one of the best in the United States reside part-time in the Lowcountry. A trance medium since childhood, Dwanna Paul has been channeling messages of hope and healing from those who have departed to their families and loved ones.

As far back as she can remember, Dwanna has been determined to investigate what this world is all about, beyond what can normally be perceived. She somehow always knew there was more than what was visible in the physical world around her. In the 1980s, Dwanna hosted a television talk show covering various metaphysical subjects. She later enrolled in formal training to further develop her talents at the Arthur Finley College of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences near London, England and the Lily Dale Assembly in New York State. She also served as a resident guest medium at the spiritualist Camp Chesterfield in Indiana. By 1984, Dwanna was holding weekly circles in her home for people to gather and connect with their departed relatives. Her Circle of Lights gatherings call forth spirit entities from other dimensions and show themselves in the form of twinkling lights and orbs. These phenomena have actually been recorded with specialize infrared cameras. To experience such a gathering invites one to be open to the possibilities of other dimensions.

In December 2015, Dwanna’s spirit guides instructed her to create the Healing with the Angels gathering. The evening begins with a meditation to call in the angels. Participants sit in a chair at the front of the room one a time. Dwanna places her hands on their shoulders and forehead as they drift into a peaceful, blissful and relaxed state, which allows the healing energy to flow through them. Participants have reported various experiences, from visions and lights and scents of flowers to permanent relief of chronic physical and emotional pain.

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Book Excerpt

How I Knew My Spirit Guide Was With Me

In 1998 I closed the Dallas center to travel and indulge my spiritual nomad. In 2010 I purchased a motor home that was small but nimble. While travelling through Florida in the motorhome I was offered the opportunity to visit a medium hosting table tilting séances in Cassadaga.

It was during one of the many events that I attended at the well-known Florida Spiritualist center where six of my close friends and I met in a little house. A friendly chatty medium first greeted us then invited us to come in. After navigating the crowded parlor we sat to discuss that evening’s program and hear the community’s latest gossip before proceeding to the basement.

The environment downstairs was dark and welcoming to me. In the middle of the room was a very large round oak pedestal table. It may have weighed over 100 pounds. Chairs were placed all around and each of us took our seats. The medium addressed questions from each person seated at the table in clockwise order. My turn would come last. With our fingers placed lightly upon the top that table was tapping “Yes” or “No” to each inquiry.

When it came to my turn I posed the question, “Is my Spirit Guide Two Bear here?”


At the Haunted Catfish Plantation

Tom and Melissa Baker founded the Catfish Plantation in 1984 after tiring of the corporate world and wanting to settle down in a small quiet town. They had a dream and that dream came true when they stumbled across this vine-covered house at 814 Water St. There was something magical in this old dilapidated house.

The 1895 Victorian structure had been the home of three previous restaurants. Having been left vacant for several years, the location was the worst possible location for a business, but the Bakers were drawn to this house.

Shortly after opening for business, strange and unexplained events began happening. One morning Melissa found clean coffee cups stacked inside the large tea urn that had been mysteriously placed on the floor. Several weeks later a fresh pot of coffee was awaiting her arrival. She had the only key to the restaurant.