Circle of Lights

The purpose of a “Circle of Lights” is to communicate with spiritual energies in other dimensions. This communication may take many forms. It may be a fragrance, a touch, a light, or a message conveyed by one of the members of the circle. See Events Page for Dates and Times.


Healing with the Angels

At our healing service spirit channels the gifts of healing through the direction and influence of Spiritual Beings for the relief of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual disease. No healer ever heals another, they are conduits for Divine healing power to flow through them. See Events Page for Dates and Times.


Mediumship Development Classes

This highly-interactive class series is recommended for beginners thru advanced, with support for those who wish to revisit techniques and deepen their true connection to Spirit. See Events Page for Dates and Times.


Table Tipping

When practicing this exercise, a group of people gather around a circular lightweight table upon which they place their hands lightly, saying aloud a positive affirmation to open the séance. The group then sings happy songs and the table begins to move. Rocking slowly at first the table eventually starts jumping up and down in a roundabout manner. See Events Page for Dates and Times.


Energy Balancing

The notion of energy healing relates to life force, universal energy and cellular vitality. Each of us live with many lifetimes of “stuff” that include traumas, emotions and illnesses evident through symptoms such as stress, headaches, pain and inflammation. Energy balancing shifts the energies of these blockages and imbalances. It can also help clear stagnated energies that collect at various locations in both the physical body and energy field. See Events Page for Dates and Times.


Paranormal Research

In 1998 I closed the Dallas center to travel and indulge my spiritual nomad. In 2010 I purchased a motor home that was small but nimble. While travelling through Florida in the motorhome I was offered the opportunity to visit a medium hosting table tilting séances in Cassadaga. See Events Page for Dates and Times.

Next Steps...

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